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Complicated Veering Issue


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Just had a new service and MOT on my Fiesta ST. I had a little issue with what i thought was my tracking, Turns out theres nothing wrong with my steering, or suspension. The garage suggested it might be my gearbox bearings.


I've recently had to have my clutch replaced after it failed and took my hydrolic out.

My question is this the issue? I got a second opinion (from another trusted garage) and they suggested it would its possible and its not the first fiesta ST he's had this issue on.

Issue is im still not 100%. This would be okay, except it still doesn't explain the uncentered steering wheel. What are the chances it could be a sticking caliper?


Just to go into more detail on the issues: the steering wheel is a rotated counter clockwise by about 15' degrees. When i accelerate it (with no adjustment on the steering wheel in its offcentre position) veers to the right, quite severlyj. When i brake it veers to the right (and pull hard on the steering wheel) - its also take an unatural rightwise motion coming off a speed bump/pothole. When im cruising off the accelerator it veers left (about the same angle as you would expect with steering wheel in its position).


Its not really an issue around town, but on a motoway its quite energy sapping having make thousands of mini corrections on the steering wheel + Plus at £1k to have the gearbox stripped and rebuilt i rather explorer alternative ideas.


So help required.


Thanks, Paul

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i would hope so, only the first garage had it up on the ramp, and i have all my work done by them as they're honest and i love their work, but they only mention that they'd laser measure the lowered arms and height - but im assusing they would consider the brakes?!? The second (who im REALLY friendly) said he wouldn't take my money off me for a full check and 4 wheel geomtry as he was confident it wasn't the issue.
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engine mounts ?


stabiliser arm ?


Sounds remotely similar to worn out bushes.


Maybe steering UJ is past it.


£1k+ for rebuilding box ??? What do you have - WRC crashbox ?


Set of bearings for all IB5 boxes is £95 tops. And any garage should do it in less than 5 hours.

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Nothing special, clutch was supplied and fitted for £500 so was suprised with £800 - £1000 quote myself. I know the fiesta requires the the engine dropping to release the gearbox form the subframe. But i think standard ford time is 3.5hrs??


With the bearings will they replace the diff? i wonder if its worth sticking a quaife or puma racing diff in there for an extra couple of hundred.

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I had similar issues with the steering on my escort, especially on acceleration and the steering wheel would not return by itself after a turn.


It turned out to be the wishbones.


My issues only became apparent approx 6 months after I fitted new wishbones and coincidently after I had new tyres fitted to the front.


I had the tracking checked twice, even had a garage check steering and suspension, eventually took car to a Ford mechanic and no one could identify the problem.


I guess, as the wishbones were still looking new, the garage assumed they were not at fault.


However, the cause was the rubber bushes of the wishbones moving within their mountings.


I replaced both wishbones and everything was back to normal, car driving as it should, steering wheel returning.

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