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Pre MOT nervousness


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i don't see why people worry about MOT's, if I have something up with the car its dealt with not left to the (useless IMO) MOT to spot it!



I tend not to check my emissions or scrape crap from under the car to find hidden fail spots though.


not many people do mate.

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It's smaller things that bugger up MOTs.

When starting my car from cold its shite to drive and idles at 1800RPM...

That's probably a fail.

When warmed up it's fine though!

No it shouldnt when they are doing the emissions the heat the car up to normal running temp, so all should be good.

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I'm dreading our Mondeo's MOT... Why the mrs is looking into Hire Purchasing an Audi... :rolleyes:


Best thing is... It's "[her] car" until it needs repairs or MOT... then it's "Well, it's our car really... you should be paying something towards it"... Yeah, I cycle everywhere and am no longer on the insurance! :pancake:

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Just put my GTI through its first MOT. I knew it would fail but I though, get them to tell me everything thats wrong then Ill sort it....wasnt expecting 2 RED 1 ORANGE sheets!!!!!!!!!! Least to say Im nearly done. Doing some welding tomorrow then as soon as I get a airbox through the door Im off down to the retest.
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Depends in what sort of a garage I'm going in to.


That's what annoys me the most about MOT's. Inconsistency.


IMHO All classes including class 4 should be done by VOSA stations and not some backstreet private garages.


At least then I could buy a car with a fresh ticket and KNOW that it is roadworthy.


Unfortunately I've seen cars in the past worth around £10k (in the dealership !) which I would never pass blindfolded.


And at that point it could be relaxed to 2 year period for private cars, seeing as loads of worthless junk is still on our roads, despite having to pass every year. Yeah, but pass what ? Moneymaking scheme ?

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