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rare old skool 17" TSW alloys

tezmanian devil

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decided to sell my wheel's to fund some other's that i want.


these are very rare and hard to find!!!


they could all do with a refurb due to kurbing, but none are buckled, cracked or have flat spot's.

the paint on them isn't brilliant, was only a temp tosh over so i could use them, was going to have them refurbed at some point... but you could get away with fitting how they are.


here's a couple of pic's...








they do all have legal rubber fitted, (will have to check size's) 2 are good, but 2 will need changing soon.

all centre cap's are here, and i have a couple of spare retainer clip bit's that hold the big nut on (if that make's sense?)


looking for offer's around £400 collected


im unsure of the offset, but they fit mk4/5/6 escort's with no rubbing.


may concider a swop for esc cos alloy's or 5 spoke comp style wheel's W.H.Y?

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