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spraying - colour change


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aslong as the primer coats are solid and the prep is done right you shouldnt have any issues, the only time you really would get bleed through is if you weren't bothering with a primer layer which is something that can be got away with if the colour going on is significantly darker than the existing.


you do have to take into account that with fords diamond white you'll have to put down a much larger amount of coats of colour than a darker colour as even with a grey primer base the texture variants in the primer can effect depth on the colour layer.


White primer can alleviate this issue but doesnt totally eliminate it if enough coats aernt put down in colour (not to mention white primer is less available than the other three colours - grey, black, oxide red)


Another small trick if spraying light colours without the high visibility light of a spray booth is to NOT remove the usual panels for individual spraying (bootlid, doors, bonnet etc) as you'll not spot and depth variance until they all go back together.....its much easier and more likely to match if you do all panels in long continuous layers that cross over the panel intersections


even as much as literally starting at the front and spraying in a long row like fashion by walking from front to back then moving up and moving from back to front of the car in one unbroken wave.


obviously once the main coats are down and dry and you have the depth you want, the removable panels can then come off to do the door jams and sills around the bootlid opening and the like.


I personally wouldnt attempt a entire diamond white respray without atleast a spacious well lit indoor area to do it in....obviously a booth would be hugely preferable.

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i done this on a fiesta that i had and still have the paint left over lol so when get the new car fancy having bit of fun with the mk6! :) fiesta looked lovely all in white and i love white escorts too!


and if you think diamond whiite is yellow you should see mates rover lol thats horrible white!!


heres a pic of my old fiesta





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Depends if it's a solid burgundy or metallic, if it's solid burgundy (ie non metallic) there's a chance it may bleed through but ir option for that would be to apply a White wet on wet primer first this is a primer u apply leave it ten- fifteen minutes to dry then nib out any dirt imperfections then paint straight over it as this is what it's designed for.


If it's metallic the base colour is sealed under clear laquer so when u flat it it will go White any way and you can get away with painting over with no bleeding through,but when you flat it if you do go through any where apply some primer over it this will seal it off.


This diamond White your goin to use is it 2k solid colour as when spraying this the first coat is easy, then when you apply second or third coats you can't really see where your goin which makes it harder, if it's clear overbase it's bit harder as some base coats don't cover very well.


And paint finish will also be down to spraygun ur usin and prep work as better you get your prep work the better your paint finish will be, but for a re-spray I'd advice usin an spray booth for better finish plus you need an air fed mask because you don't want to be breathing in isocyanates.

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toyota super white is very bright, the last car i painted was my amparo blue 4 door. i just flatted it off, primed over any repairs, gave it a coat of mercedes white as it is slightly off white so when i covered it with ford diamond i could make sure it had covered well (poor light in the garage) i gave it 3 coats of diamond white and it was spot on but if i did white again i would definately use the toyota white instead
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