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Any legal buffs amongst us?


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I took the mrs into Debenhams to buy her a fancy dress for Christmas.


They didn't have the right size in stock. But they gave us the option to order it online via one of their instore terminals.

I wanted to pay cash, so we paid this to an customer adviser who exchanged it for a gift card then ordered the product for us via their terminal using that gift card then destroyed the card.


We were shown that this was the last dress in stock anywhere.


We received an email yesterday to say "Cannot Supply - Refunded to Card".


We've been into to the store and they could only get "Head Office" to have that refund moved to another card which would be posted to us.


The mrs then looked around for another dress she liked, she couldn't find any (after trying on loads :rolleyes:). So I enquired about a refund on the cash I had paid. The reply was "Sorry, we can't do that... It was paid for on a Gift Card".


Where do we stand?


The mrs is pretty damn upset about it to be honest!

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