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Throttle linkage on 2.0 conversion


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Hi, im doing a 2.0l zetec 95 mondeo silvertop swap into my mk6 escort. do i need to swap the entire linkage from my 1800 throttle body to the 2.0 throttle body?






Left 2.0TB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Right 1800 TB



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Ahhhhh well its on now lol.


just 1 problem, the escort throtle cable bracket doesnt fit the 2.0L TB How do i get round this? 1 hole lines up but the other hole is 1/2 away.





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i'm 90% sure they're the same alloy part but the linkage etc for the mondeo/escort plastic manifold is the other way up so either fit the escort plastic manifold or swap the whole linkage from the throttle body the same way round as it was on the ally manifold



here is the 1800 manifold with the 2.0TB and the linkage of a 1600 efi TB.

The cable bracket off the 1600 efi tb wont come close to fitting the 2.0tb






1600 efi throttle cable bracket


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