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Just out of interest !


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I'm a bit torn between a G73 V12 Brabus




and a CLS Brabus Rocket V12 S





Depends if I'll need 970 lb·ft or if I'll do with just 800 lb that day...

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If no ford?

and it'd have to be a realistic everyday drive sorta thing?


guess Id still be driving either my 2.0L Astra Gsi OR my Cav turbo 4x4.........tho neither were as reliable as most the escorts Ive had.

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I think some people are missing the point. If Ford didn't exist, I don't think that automatically means everyone becomes a millionaire.



aye I was wondering how they confused a relatively simple question too.


If ford didnt exist Pete would have a Bugati Veyron....


Id deny fords existance if I got a Bugati Veyron....


however, If the question was simplified If you couldnt have a ford....you'd have?

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