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My new car.


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Well sadly my mondeo has developed a problem with its injectors and fuel pump (damn TDCi's), the price of fixing it and the inevitable dual mass flywheel Fcuking up ive decided to cut my losses and put the money into getting a new car......



So here it is 2002 ST170 with the climate pack :) It drives very well and is alot better than i thought it was going to be.....i pick it up monday :D






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Its not got the recaros, i saw a few and the one with recaros wasnt in as good condition as this one, so i went for this one.


As for the mondeo i might try a few things on it but the focus will be my new car.....il have to work some magic on it tho :D


And John.....i cant see that link lol

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Whats the issue with the TDCi injectors and fuel pumps? I take it its not as simple as just pulling them out and replacing?


If only! lol, the injectors are coded to the ecu, and are about £250 each from ford plus the price of coding them, also the pump is about £500 just to get it refurbed, it soon adds up :( plus the £500 for a clutch and flywheel when that goes :(

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