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play in steering column (adjustable)


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hi all, new guy here, just bought a mk6 si (pics will come once its no longer buried in snow lol) the cars not bad condition, needs a few little bits doing, owned a few of these before so nothing too daunting but one thing I'm not sure about is that there seems to be some play in the steering column (up and down) this is the first escort I've owned with an adjustable steering column and I've never encountered this before so I'm guessing its just not tightening back up enough? just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and how difficult it is to sort out? I'm assuming I'll need to take steering wheel/cowling etc all off to get to it?

thanks in advance

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not sure.



and likely not the way to go.


theres several reasons for play in the adjustable column and tbf they all have minor up/down movement that doesnt really effect there use atall.


However, if you feel its accessive theres a few things you can check.


the two fastening bolts that maintain the columns overall position can come loose over time and sometimes require a tightening on either side of the column (quick fix)


the universal joints that alter the angle of the control rod to the steering rack can wear and become loose (whole column swap required)


the hinged bolts and securing bolts around the height adjustment lever can become loose and allow a significent amount of movement and require tightening (quick fix)


the lever operation mechanism can become warn enough to allow continued movement even in locked position (mechanism will need changing.....minor pain in the arse to do)


its also worthy of note that two or more of the above can contribute to the overall effect.

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