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Who's your favourites, past and present

Mine are

Billy Connoly,

Al Murray,

Kevin Bridges,

Frankie Boyle - although the tramadoil nights he is on just now is utter pish

Russell Howard,

Imran Yusuf,

John Bishop

Chris Ramsey - was supporting al murray on his uk tour, very funny guy


Ones i really cant stand are

Michael Macintyre - they could not have picked a bigger bell-end to host the royal variety, he is a tool


Russell Kane

Dara O'Briain



got to meet Al Murray a few weeks back when he was in edinburgh, a little pic,


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myself, I guess I'm more a reality type comedian person (if that makes sense).


I sorta find the people who take what you can believe is their real life or experiences and see the funny side, can all depend on your own heritage of course, that said,


for me it has to be those comics from the lower classes.....


Billy Connelly

Jack Dee

Dara O'brien (sp)

Frankie Boyle


even the new to the scene John Bishop (from my neck of the woods) even tho some of the jokes are things I laughed about years ago and outsiders (non scouse) usually wouldn't get.

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my favourite english comedians are...


lee evans (seen him once)

chubby brown (seen him twice)

jim davidson (seen him once)

russell howard is fave at the mo!


also love the americans...


chris rock

bernie mac

martin lawrence


most def jam comedians.


and obviously..


eddie murphy

richard pryor


cant stand..


jimmy carr

jack dee

ricky gervais.

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