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usb help?


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soon ill be getting a cd player which comes with a usb 2gb memory stick,I know that wont hold alot but its a start.

am i right in thinking that all i have to do is plug the stick in to the laptop,go to the music file and download it to the memory stick?then im free to plug this in the usb section of the stero and thats it job done?


i have a few albums i have brought off hmv which is in the music file,are these ok to be sent to the memory stick?


thanks for any advice anyone can offer :cheers:

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Upon inserting the flash drive into a usb port on your pc/laptop it should recognize it as a storage drive and appear on the pc much as a cd/dvd drive or additional HDD does.


it will likely request you format the drive the first time so don't be alarmed just click yes and let it do its thing, once done you can simply drag whatever audio file you wish to put on the card from its original place to the flash drives icon or open window to start the transfer.


once done unplug and your ready to go, its that simple.


one thing tho, be sure the audio files your attempting to use are compatible with your player (mp3,windows media audio etc) or even tho there on the drive the player wont recognise them or attempt to play them..

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