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wood dash


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hi chaps, registered some time ago but this is my first post.

i bought the for wife a month or so ago a 2000 x reg finesse 1.6 in good condition right through.

she said she would like a wood dash and gear change surround,so i got them off ebay for a reasonable price,i have not tried to fit it yet,but i have noticed that the wood dash has a two click rocker button?, what is it for?

on our origional dash we have the h/light level controll where the button is on the wood dash,and the wood dash has a round smaller hole, if i take the rocker switch out,how will i fit our h/light controll as it is oval shaped?

hope you can understand what i am trying to describe here.

p.s the dash i bought is from a mk/5/6 ghia

thanks. :cheers:

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