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Wanted: mk 6 18.16v si Stuff.

Martin 09

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Hi all, im back in a escort as my daily driver while my scoobys off the road, ive just got a Escort 3 door 1.8 si.


looking to get the following just to tidy it up a bit.


Exhaust ( back box or more)

Front grill ( not a chrome one )

Rear numberplate surround again not a chrome one i snapped my last one off thinking it was just somthing some one had put on it lol

mud flaps ( or just some where to get them from )

wouldnt mind a set of mondeo rims ( 16") if ne ones got ne ive got 16" multispokes already on but i quite like the mondeo wheels

also want a cossie lower rear spoiler

Laguna front spliter or preferably a Cossie front spoiler or ne other front splitter.


What else have pplgot modifaction wise not aftr anything ott just subtle little things as itrs my daily driver and dont wanna go spending loads on it as im spose to be saving to have clutch done in scooby, once scoobys done mine built a turbo engine for the escort seeing as its very clean no rust etc.

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allo mate i have a lower cosworth spoiler which is genuine, last time i checked it was in very good condition, sprayed mallard green, if you collected its yours for £40, i wont post as i dont have time to, pm me if your interested



ok mate well if you can do it for £30quid ill take it, where bouts r u in essex, give me a pm ? cheers.


hi there, got a mk6 escort boss and steering wheel £25 looking for,

also got mk6 stealth shelf looking for £40 open to offers on both

if interested ive got some subrau sti bucket seats for sale only wanting £70 for these. (red and black)



cheers mate but not really interested in your bits, cheers ne way. ive got leather in my scooby :D

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