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mondeo tddi


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In the new year im considering getting a mondeo tddi, was thinking about a tdci, but they may be out of my price range.


is there anything i need to look out for with them?


ive heard a a clutch change on a tdci can be very expensive is this the same with the tddi's?


what kind of mpg could i expect to be getting from it?


any other common faults?

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that was the original plan, but ill only have about £1500 to spend on one, i would much rather a tdci but doubt i can stretch to one... plus the tddi has gotta be better than than the 20mpg im getting out of the escort, so would like to know about them.


get a tdci mate ive had 2 and there brilliant, injectors cost a lot and so do clutches but i heard tddi's have the same clutch issues cost a lot to change on both, try and find one thats had both done, all transits run them so there reliable engines and go forever, much better than the tddi

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i currently own a tddi focus and there not bad, the tdci are more powerfull yes but the clutch isnt the same and no issuses with them either,on the tdci you have to watch the injectors, pump and the dual mass fly wheel which the tddi doesn't have. I get around 45-50 mpg round town and 60ish mpg on a run at 65ish if i start booting it im looking at around high 30s. I drove a 1.4 zetec focus the other week and it uses more fuel then mine does so i wont be going back to petrol any time soon.


plus to change a clutch on the tddi it takes 5 and a half hours and are straight forward, im currently at college doing my level 2 motor vehicle and i changed my own ;)

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the tddi is the same engine thats in the Mk2 and escorts i believe


The mk2 and escorts are 1.8, the mk3 is a 2litre



Everybody is saying go tdci, im going to say the opposite :(


Ive got the car in my sig sat on my drive becasue it wont run propperly, it needs its injectors replacing and the fuel pump reconditioning which can cost around £1500 to fix :( Also as you have said the clutch and flywheel can be a bitch for the cost, its around £400 minimum just for the bits! and can go around 70k :S

Its not just me that has problems, a mate of mine has a 130 estate and has exactly the same problems as i have with mine.


Anybody thats had a tdci and had problems will say go for a tddi.


Around town i got 38-45mpg outta my tdci, on the motorway ive had the computer showing 57.7 which is probably around 52! which isnt half bad

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A mate of mine had the dilemma - a tddi focus or spending more on a tdci. He went for the tddi and it hasnt skipped a beat yet, and hes getting decent mpg out of it (can find out if you want).

Spoke to a guy I know at a garage, and he warned of the dilemmas of the TDCis - although I admit I never knew just how expensive the damn things are.

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