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Escort Cosworth 3dr Pop out Windows


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As titled.


Very good condition, all fixtures and fittings. Dark tint, but can easily be removed.


Most I've seen for sale are around the £150 mark, so thats what I'm advertising for.


Replacement 3dr glass required as part of the deal.


Pictures available on request.



Hi mate,


Can you email me some pics to dannyeaton007@hotmail.com, as im really interested.


Cheers, Danny.

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Hello Mate,


Yeah got both one at midnight and one at 9am, lol. They look good.


Would you want me to come to you and swap them over while im at yours?? As mine are still fitted to the car, lol.




PM me your number mate and we'll go from there.

hi mate you still got them and do they come with the rubber seals ive got my standard ones here aswell for you??

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Pictures as requested.






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