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show me your..

fresh dfm

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use the 'search' function instead of posting stuff that's been put up MILLIONS of times.

oooh somebody got out of bed the wrong side today!!!! :D :P



leave him alone, his missus just told him she's on blob over xmas so he cant have his annual sex till new year.

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for something thats been posted MILLIONS of times, i still cant find it using advanced search..... if somebody can find me a link it'd be much appreciated


not atall, but this and "...your mkX lowered on XXmm with XX" wheels" that comes up almost weekly is pointless :-D


merry sodding christmas!


/ lights :pancake:

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Half tint lights (same as whats on my black GTi) on a red escort (3 door if spooible)...struggling to visualise what they would look like.






You can't visualise what half tints (that you have on your car) would look like on a red escort....really!?



Yeh id rather see them before hand at the effort of posting a photo rather than the effort of swapping them over in the rain only to not like them afterwards.


Spot on Bongo, nice one pal and a very tidy lookin car :)


job done!

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