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snow/winter tyres


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hey guys with all the snow weve been having i was thinking about investing in some snow/winter tyres,ie just changing the front 2 alloys to 15" gti ones or some steelies with these tyres.


but are they any good?


any experiences?

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apparently after 4x4s the best cars are fwd fiestas etc with thin tyres.i know thinner tyres are better than wide ones.



4x4's ???...dont make me laugh..the amount of them i've passed, seen abandoned is laughable !!... overtook a brand new range rover on a dual carrageway i was doing 50mph...he ..yes HE ..was doing approx 8 or 9mph

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Worth every penny for proper winter tyres. If you run a high performance summer tyre such as Good year GSD3 then they have no grip in the cold and are leathel!


I use good year ultra grip in the snow and cold, brilliant tyre!


stay away from anything sunny branded, and the dunlop winter sport are pretty useless.


i think demon tweaks have the toyo snow prox cheap,


alot of 4x4s are still on summer tyres which are as above!



Are they really needed?


We've had pretty bad snow here in the North East and i've got 205/50/16's on Mondeo/GTI's and i've never been stuck yet and been up some ticky places.


have you ever driven on snow tyres?

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