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killed the mondy


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I cant thank that car enough for what it did. see for yourself

heres the pics:











kind farmer pulled it out the ditch for me and is keeping it on his farm till i can get it recovered home where i can strip the mods off :(

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You said it was 15 mph, right ?


I'm sorry, but your speedo was lying. A lot.

i was driving slow on ice. tapped the brake for the bend. wheels locked and i froze up. i know i should have pumped the brake but didnt and car sped up as it slid on the ice.


me and a friend. i have brusing on my chest from seatbelt and airbag and my friend has few cuts and bruises.

good thing i wasnt in the escort or things would have been alot worse.


thanks JC. only a few days ago i won £500 on a scratch card. had to use that money to buy another car today :(


thank you shawdreamer. i thought parallel parking was boring :P

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that ant 15mph! no way.shame really because instead of seeing someone liking escorts or whatever ford and keeping them mint and dent free,you have managed to reck 2 cars,either with mods or freak accident!its just a waste!i wouldnt have been going 15mph on that surface but hey thats me!And just so you know i have done the same and ive learnt my lesson and im sure u will


merry xmas thou :thumb:

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and why would you pump the brake?



a fair point infact.


brakes on such surfaces should be used extremely tentatively if at all.


the advised approach is to rely 99% on engine resistance to slow the vehicle and if absolutely essential the handbrake to further the decrease of speed.


The road wheels on compacted snow or ice will obviously have a greatly reduced traction and will also obviously have a greater degree of wheel lock under braking due to that reduction of traction.


If you lock up all wheels, including the wheels required for steering then obviously your gonna loose any control you have of the vehicle, even your average ABS system cant cope with such conditions adequately so a human trying to replicate the job it does normally has no feckin chance.


my advise is obvious in this situation but Ill say it anyway as its seems it isn't entirely obvious to all........ If you haven't got the skills required to drive in such conditions and maintain control of your potentially lethal vehicle....... don't feckin drive in it.


you could be forgiven if the road had a terrible incline or uneven surface or even was glass level ice covered but it doesnt appear to be, it instead appears you wrapped it due to your inexperience which can be forgiven also......if you admit to it?.

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Looks like you understeered round that corner, front left of the car hit first and the car swung round to end up where it was. I can't think of any other way you could end up like that and sustain the amount of damage you did. Highly unlikely you were only doing 15mph.


The question is, will you learn anything by this?

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those pics are the morning after when the farmer who pulled it out had gritted the road.


3 people spun off while i was there, the farmer who lives on that corner crashed his van down that road. i fell over 4 times after getting out the car as it was so slippery and my phone slid quite away from me the first time.


I have bought a X reg mk2 zetec mondeo to succeed this one. I will be restoring the RS alloys off this one and then selling the 16" mondeo alloys on it.


stupid thing is, i know how to drive in ice and snow. done it last few winters in my rover 214, my escort and the mondeo. although escort was best in it as i only had the gti 15's on it - the width of the 16's makes it slightly harder in the snow and ice.


this is the single worst experience of my life and i am absolutely gutted. fortunately the farmer was nice and helped out, even letting me keep my car on his farm till a recovery company will collect it either 29th, 30th or 31st december. in the mean time i got to get rid of the silver one so i have room for it :(

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