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tail gate problems


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hi all, my tailgate switch has stopped working, i was wondering if there was a fuse for it???? i have had a look but couldnt see one for it, or maybe the switch has gone??



Normally its a bad earth.


I believed the tailgate is earthed through the 3 pin connector and also the tailgate hinges.


Over time something happens which prevents either the rear wash wipe, the heated screen or the tailgate release from not working.


On my escort, I have cured this by taking a earth feed from the rear fog light and connecting it directly to the tailgate.


If you remove the internal plastic cover from the tailgate, assuming its a hatchback, on the drivers side, the rear fog light bulb holder has two wires in it, one of these is an earth, I think its the black wire, test with a test light to confirm.


Remove a section of insulation from the fog lamp earth wire with wire strippers and connect a fly lead to it and insulate with tape, connect the fly lead to the earth bolt of the Electric tailgate motor, either with a crimped on eyelet connector or join wire as you did with the fog light wire, by removing insulation and joining wires together.

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