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So what you get for crimbo?


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Carrera Vengeance Race - Mountain bike. (new helmet also)


Halo Reach, MS points & Live.


SteelSeries360 headset (The Bose of 360 headsets)


Freesat HD PCI Card (no idea how to use it)


New hoover.


Nice lounge corner lamp.


loads of little bits.


Not exactly a bad year :roll:

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Babylis iStubble (because I refuse to be clean shavin, i look about 12 without atleast stubble)

NFS most wanted

2x big bottles of JD & 1x medium

£100 Gamestation card voucher

Couple of pairs of CK jeans & 1 pair of Levi's

a new collarless 1/3 length suit (Im a unusual scouser....I dont just wear suits during court appearances and work)

1x extra HD+ box and a multiroom subscription for my son (it still counts as for me as I now dont have to watch spongebob every feckin mornin)

1x Cadbury's fudge bar (my little lad bought it out of his pocket money cos he knew they were my favorite)


generally I ask people not to buy me stuff at xmas as its never exactly been a big deal to me and Id rather enjoy watchin other people get excited and ecstatic about what I bought them.


Like my missus tears when she opened the box this morning and saw the antique 1920 gold latching bangle Id bought her.....I got extra pigs in blankets with my xmas dinner for that little puppy.


and my sons excited attempts at keeping pace with the prompts on the newest guitar hero....failing miserably and still laughing like a loon all the same.


tbh....christmas didnt mean feckall atall to me until I got my own family and a could use it as a excuse to make them happy.


sounds corny I know, and a bit of a cliche but the best present I got was seeing my family happy this year.

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I got.


Sony Cybershot DSC-W320 14.1mp

Various smellies - Armani code and some david beckham stuff - loads of lynx, fcuk and ted baker

Some tshirts, couple of hoodies

Angle Grinder

Al Murray and Frankie Boyle dvds

PS3 bought for me and my wee sis (will slowly become mine over the next few months as my sister WILL get bored of it :thumb: ) with GT5 and some Prince of Persia game

and other little things I cant mind off the top of my head

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