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Dont you just hate it when $hit like this happens....


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Appologies for the outburst but its best if I do it on here else I'll explode in my g/fs face......


I was living as some of you know in a house that was pretty poor to say the least, no water for a month as an example, landlord refused to do anything,


So I've got a new place lined up but dont get the keys/access till after new year, so spending 2 weeks with the mother....



My g/f helped me move/pack/box all my stuff up to go into storage.

A few things were to come with me to my mothers, such as bedding, Xbox 360 etc.... now this is the bit thats annoyed me, after her watching me pack my 360 up and put it one side to go to the mothers house (which btw is the only place I can play live, as i dont have internet at home)


So after ages of setting up my bros xbox and getting him on live in his room so i can play against him, I set mine up in the living room, to dive into the bag of games only to find out that their all original xbox games.......

so calls the g/f to ask where the 360 games are........ only to find their boxed up in storage!!! EVEN AFTER she put them in one of the crates and I took them out, she put them back in........


So I'm sat here with an xbox with no bloody games :censored: :nutter: :vangry: :cheers: Abi!



Rant over!

Cans out...... again

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lol at some of the comments :roll:


yea have constant access to where their stored, but everything is packed and stored in such a way that all heavy objects are at the bottom of the pile, so that they will be in a specific order in the trailer when being transported so as not to fall/damage other things,


My games just happen to be at the back, at the bottom :nutter:



I can still play the games yea as my bro got almost every COD game for xmas, but its kinda defeats the object of why my xbos was brought here to begin with :pancake:

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