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Well as soon as the crap weather started coming i took my car off the road, my intention's were to buy a cheap daily car,


so the first one was a 93 civic hatchback, only a 1.5lsi, payed 200 quid for it with a years mot, 6 months tax, wasnt in the best of nicks but it had 88k on it with full service history, so i thought aslong as it goes it'll do, one pic from the start:




and 2 days before it died i got sick of seeing the same colour civic's everywhere, had a hunt through the garage and found some paint, so after a days graft it looked like this (some may have to hold their stomach's)




due to how low it was, i went down a back road and it bottomed out, ripped the subframe away from the floor of the car, so live and learn, moved on, broke the car and weighed the shell in, made 520 quid back, bonus :D



the next one was a bmw 320i touring, 1995, found this on gumtree 2 miles from me, 2 owners from new from the same family, full bmw service history, 160k on the clock, went to look at it, needed a new alternator so clenched a deal for £450






so to add to the luck, the civic died within 2 weeks, on the first day the bmw died due to alternator failure, 30 quid from the local scrappers had that fixed, so on the 3rd day that was fixed, on the 4th day the diff blew, so its been sat outside the house since :(



and now onto the latest daily, some will recognise it, bought off ScORTED, 2.0 focus esp, fair old treck in 2-3ft of snow most of the way, but James was a legend as usual :D had it for 3-4 weeks now and not had a single issue! enjoying sensible life for a while, only mod's are the borla exhaust, wheels, a bmc airfilter and a sparco brace, but the airfilter will be coming off soon due to a MASSIVE drop in mpg :(


only got one pic since ive had it, weathers been too pants to clean it



But it feels nice to be back in a ford, something reliable again, comments welcome :D

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:thumb: I'm looking forward to recieving a civic just like that first one soonish :P


=sortedlx, the bmw went awhile ago i do believe


Cheers fella, just the wording in his topic seemed to me that it was still parked up outside his house.


I hope the civic your buying is a temp measure?

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i did go for new cars for a while, but due to insurance reasons i had to downgrade.....


the bmw is provisionally sold, but if it falls through ile let you know :)


as for the civic, yeah it was on cut springs, welded to the seats though so it even passed an mot :D

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