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Good spec pc


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3.33ghz Core 2 Duo (overclocked from 2.53)

4gb 1333Mhz CAS 7 OCZ platinum ddr3

Asus X48 P5E3 premium

2 x 512mb ATI radeon 4850

2x160 WD HDD's in raid

Watercooled CPU

Watercooled circuit for GPU's in place, just need waterblocks and tubing

Corsair TX750 PSU

Thermaltake Sonate case in black

24" Hyundai W240D in black with dvi, vga, hdmi etc.

Legal Vista 64bit


I built it about 18 months ago but its had very little use as I've developed RSI so using a normal mouse and keyboard isn't possible. I use a laptop and game on the ps3.









£400 for the base unit and £175 for the monitor.


Located in Llandudno, North Wales

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