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no dash electrics or engine life


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hi guys bloudy vans killing me :vangry: , had problems with the van cutting out only happened 3 times, anyway today went round a roundabout and it cut out but was completely dead free rolled to a kerb and all of a sudden there was an engine bay fire :nutter: , anyway the engine fan wire had shorted on the earth and started a fire, got it straight out (thanks to snow), got a new earth attached, cleaned up the cables but it wont start, got everything working except the dash and engine doesnt try to start,i think fuse 1 in the engine bay is popped would this cause this? all lights work on the dash except the battery/airbag/oil,etc lights, dash lights, etc interior fan blardy blah, any help appreciated





all the interior lights work, outside lights, but there is no dash life no battery/oil/airbag,etc as i didnt explain very well

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