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Freesat PCI Card...


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Ok... after fannying around with the WiFi card only to realise the router was shite... I've got another PCI toy.... this time for the Media Centre...



A Freesat HD card... VideoMate S350 to be exact.



I've connected this to our Sky dish (their appeared to be many people buying Freesat boxes and banging them straight on the dish) as we have Virgin leaving the dish doing nothing (whole reason for Freesat.)


Anyway... I can't seem to tune into anything using the provided software and Media Centre only recognises it as an analog S-Video/composite capture card. Not as a Freesat tuner.


I've found an application called Satfinder which appears to be a software replacement for a Satellite Finder (those little boxes Sky Engineers have) which shows that I have an 80% signal strength on the Astra C1 & D1 satellite (are they the Freesat ones?).


Yet I still get nothing, Do I have to re-align my dish or am I doing something completely wrong?

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Update on this...


I broke the HTPCs motherboard... Fitting a custom screw-on cooler in a rush and screwed through some of the motherboard tracks... lesson learnt (was a P4 only compatible Chipset 775 board so needed chucking!)


Spare MiniATX 775 board slapped in (need a better one ideally). This required a fresh Win 7 install.


This time I ignored the CD drivers and used the latest on the card manufactures website, launched Media Centre and it works! No faffing! :thumb:


Can't get ITV HD at the minute but every other channel including BBC HD :cheers:

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Try re scanning for ITV HD as it recently moved (I think this was to accomodate ITV+1 that goes live tomorow).

I've done that, it found 400+ channels but only let me watch 20 or so of them... Only BBC HD was displayed as a HD channel :(


So I let it set itself up using internet data, it restored the channels although it's all BBC London, ITV London etc.


Not quite sure what to do now... I know BBC One HD was released onto Freesat Mid, last November but I can't find that either.

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