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BMW E36 328i Convertible


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Finally picked my 328i up.


Lowered, ac schnitzer (sp) alloys, power roof, private plate, m3 evo bumpers, anyways, here the pics, 4 pics are from the sale advert, one is the car on my drive.


Needs bumper, bonnet, grill and a wing, a few plastic clips here and there..








Just washed, clayed washed, got polish and wax it, but getting dark now :(



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thanks guys,


Will have a look for one of those filters, i like a bit of grunt from engine bay lol


Plans -


matt paint.






































lol joke.


tint windows, do something with those white front indicators as they look lost, cruise control, arm rest centre console, m50 inlet, just keep it cleanand OEM+ really.

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Oh peter you dirty devil! lol


What made you not go for this out of curiosity?


Can't wait for the summer! should be loads of fun



I had it checked out, stolen 9 times. (joke lol).

Just couldn't stretch to having three cars Mike & certainly not near xmas.

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