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2.5 v6 escort?????

fresh dfm

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Just had a fonecall from a friend who has apparently managed to get a 2.5 v6 st mondeo dirt cheap due to body damage...... i have 2 escort Gti's, 1 off of the road i plan on getting rid of soon (the black one pictured)... my mate thinks we should look into combining the 2 so im coming here to get the advice first from people with experience and knowledge of engine swapping.


could this work?

what difficulties would there be etc?



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The chances are if you have to ask how to do it then there's little chance of a successful conversion. Possibly the harsh truth, but it is what it is.



Im the one with the escort and seeking the escort advice hence posting here, i saw most of my zvh conversion on my rs through with little help and good advice which was successfull, not done nothing this big so asking up front, better than turning my back on a good learning opportunity...besides...if it fails, it fails, you learn :thumb:

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this has been covered on here a number of times and requires major surgery to the front end of the car.. and would be probably a total waste of time



Never a waste of time.


Has been done once before that i know of, never found out if it was ever put on the road though.


Your better off using a vauxhall V6 though, as its smaller. There was also a V6 Ka, so they can defo go in small spaces. :thumb:

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Why would it be pointless??


What would be the point of it, in your eyes? Just to 'do a conversion'? Even if crappy?


To 'do a conversion'?? lol right then. Its different, doesnt make it crap. Beats following the sheep dont it.


its not a good engine, for less hassle you could have more power and less weight


The vauxhall v6 doesnt weigh that much more than a 2.0. The v6 opens up different possibilities, twin turbo etc...


The v8 conversion is the same, different, but you wouldnt say that was pointless either :rolleyes:

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What stu is asking is what is your aim with this? You say a conversion but to be fair is it for power gain or just to say "its a V6"

I understand your enthusiasm but is it misplaced simply because the engines available?

I'm sure theres better options to put into your GTI?

Just to add that i'm no mechanic, what power do these engines put out compared to various other options such as rsturbo, rs2000, mondeo 2.0?

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