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Help with engine transplant choices?! Mk 5 van.

surfer steve

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Hi everyone,


Been driving a 1997 Mk5 escort van 1.8 55 (non diesel) for about a year, mostly for surfing and getting up and down to uni (cheaply!). Times are changing, and as its a pretty decent example body wise, want to spend a bit of money making it a bit more drive-able (up-hill motorways mostly ;) Planning a bit of this and that, but first things first im looking at an engine swap.


Want to stick with diesel, but what i reeeaally need help with is what engines fit, and with what work? Don't know vast amount on fords but have done a bit of stuff before.


Am i right in thinking that if mounting points on a donor engine are different to original, different engine mount bars could be used or is there limited choice?

Also i know virtually zero about engine/transmission matches - best to just change both?


Hopefully if a bit of a newer (more reliable etc.) engine that pulls nicely would be nice if you've got any thoughts.


So thats it, basically want to turn a good ol' horse into a more user friendly surf wagon!


Thanks in advance for any help, plan it to be a bit of a project so will be seeing a bit more of me on here!



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Welcome to the site!


In the past people have upgraded the non-turbo to the later 90bhp Endura Turbo engines found in the later vans, I can't tell you what's involved since I've never done it, but you might find information on it if you have a search.

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welcome dude, and happy new year :drunk:


best bet would be to buy a diesel turbo escort, and use it as a donor, that way you have all the part's you need to convert to diesel turbo, then you can get different turbo's and wind the boost up, hopfully be doing something like that on my van eventually if i dont convert to petrol turbo engine..

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Same to you!!


Yer, i think that may be the best bet but still not decided on best POA! The current engine has the "pump the fuel primer every morning, turn it over 5 seconds, then turn it over again and it starts" issue. It had a new primer but i haven't checked all the other pipes yet. Am i correct in thinking the black box piped between the fuelfilter/primer and the injection pump is the immobiliser? It's been electrically bypassed by the looks of it, but could it be the reason fuel is returning to the tank over a day (once started in the morning will start bob on all day)??


(INFACT if anyone has the wiring details just for this black box would be useful)


But i wouldn't be surprised if the heads gone, may be worth comp testing it to see if its salvageable. Perhaps if these two are fixable (could do the head at home) it might be worth keeping.



If not could any of the later turbo engines fit? Is it mainly mounting points that are the main worry? What about transmission?



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