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4hr train drive + 6/7+ hr drive return (if conditions are good).....normally not a problem with me as i love driving BUT.


since boxing day until the 5th i've got one day off, which is for an MRI scan on my knee...... so either doing a full shift then the above. or having mri and then the above....and returning to work after about 4 hours kip.......ISN'T good. "take a holiday" not possible.... i have enough for a family holiday and recovery time for my operation due as i dont get sick pay and cant afford to be off for the op/recovery :-(


the guy wants rid ASAP so im half-way through pulling his pants down and giving him THE royalist shafting up the ring piece without lube you've ever seen lol

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Pay for a day insurance for me! I'm not going back to work till 4th Jan!


most insurers wont give day insure untill you are at least 21


Aaron, What you could do is speak to overton garage just outside aberdeen, they mainly deal in accident repairs ect but i know they will transport cars you've bought from them, Might be worth calling them to see if theyd transport it for you.. looks like 140 to newcastle



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i tried PMing you but it was saying your box was full (oooo er) and it's not of HIGH importance to warrant a FAO thread - you need twatbook!


it appears i might just be going up for it when i finish a shift because he wants is shifted quick and he's sending me high res pics and scans of the service ETC ETC

got quoted £270 from one of those sites i mentioned above.....tad steep i think....or im just tight. plus i wouldn't REALLY trust them

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