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steering wheel wobble


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if it wobbles noticeably between speeds of 35-45 and then again 70-80 its Normally due to unbalanced wheels


it seems fine at motorway speed tracking does need doin as well but its only been happening in last 24 hours



can be:


tracking out. a quick visit to the local kwikfit/national tyres etc can solve this issue with laser tracking


uneven tyre wear. common in lowered vehicles, especially using cheap lowering kits that dont account for camber adjustment


warped buckled alloy. a pothole, a bad attempt at parking up a kerb, a brick on the road.....alloys aernt that hard to damage (the wobble is exagerated under braking and felt through the peddle)


warped brake disc. again, doesnt take much to warp a disc and the indicators are the same as a wheel buckle

tyre swell. any tyre can develop a weak point during manufacturing were the tyre wall is weak a bulge can form


stripped/damaged wheel nut. it only takes one nut to start to go for the rest to suffer additional strees and eventually fail too.


eliminate the simples above first as the likelyhood is its one of them, failing them things get expensive.

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