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was gna strip the escort in 2 weeks as mot runs out on 27th of jan. i rekon its worth more in parts but to save me time i will list on here see if i cn gt any money for it. now the car is an r plate 1.6 16v escort flight. its in an autumm green wich is my fave color for an escort. apart from a pair of gay lexus rear lights wich i sold straight away it was standerd. runs gd an is in really really gd condition. the only thing that lets it down is the usual rusty rear arches wich this has got. passenger not too bad but drivers is too far gone imo for fibre glass an filler for a gd perm job so ideally wants an arch. now i have turned this into a gti rep apart from the front bumper. i did manage to source the correct 1 in the correct color but i hit a rabbit 1 night an smashed the corner tp pieces an had to put the priginal gay looking 1 back on. i did buy another but never got round to painting it. now a quick lst of mds i have done.


lowerd -60mm pi springs with gmax rear shocks

magnex stainless steel exhaust system

gti rear spats an gti rep side skirts

half tinted rear lights

smoked side repeaters

black eye headlights

ghia chrome grill but i have color coded it an transformed the car

rs2000 alloys from a mk6 wich as 2 gd rear tyres an 2 more or less brand new tyres fitted few weeks ago

4 color coded door handles an rear door plate things

full gti interior with verylittle wear to leather on drivers bolster

gti clocks an changed the clock to white face

fli components in the front an fli 5x7 in rears

gti steering wheel

gti interiror light with 20 second relay ftd along with intermitent rear wiper relay fitted an flashyindicaters relays aswell

intermitant front wiper stalk fitted.

new brakes upfront fitted about 2 months ago along with handbrake cable an front brakes hoses

recent service inclding oil an plugs an oil filter


like i said the only bad bit is rear arches n a dent above passenger arch. car is located in pontefract area wf8. looking for £550 ono but i am breaking it in about 2 weeks if it dnt sell. gna ad some pics tomoz as it wa too dark when i gt home today. please dnt want no bad comments ec if your not interested or owt just dnt post an car is taxed well end of feb

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