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My RS2000 for sale on eBay and Pistonheads (With Pics)


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ebay link doesn't work and how can you claim 20bhp more than standard on a 100k engine? whats been done to achieve this and how can you proove it without an RR printout at least?


Come drive it and have a look.


My 4x4 has been RR'd at 165bhp not very long ago. On the way back from picking it up, we had it out between the two. The blue RS (the one for sale) is more responsive and has more power to give. It pulls away from the 4x4 and is more torquey. Me and my old man both agree on this. Even though it hasn't been chipped but the 4x4 has. So realistally, it's 165-170bhp.


Full stainless powerflow system with decat.

Wrapped manifold.

Front air intake.

Panel filter.


But the biggest thing I can see makin the difference is the engine rebuild. It was only 10k miles ago after all.



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