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gear box oil escort gti


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just a quick one as ive never changed it where is the drain plug and how much oil will i need to put back in and what oil will i need ? thanks in advance nick :D


Both IB5 and MTX75 have lifetime oils, but if you have suspicion that it might be slightly off, it's time to change it.


Depending what box you have the full fill is 2 -3 litres and the best option is to buy an ford synthetic manual fluid XT-M5-QS. Looks like a chemical honey :) If it's too far, just get an generic 75W90 and you should be fine. Or 75W80. Dunno. :mellow: Doesn't matter.


Some people say that ATF fluid (Mobil 1 etc.) is better for synchros and easier for the box in general. Never tried it, can't say.

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