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Rs rear beam wheel bearing


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There are two options for this, I went for the first one as it was upto 1995, it's a two piece bearing does this sound right? Also anyone got a quick guide to changing it?

if your beam has an arb fitted its from a mk5,no arb is the mk6 beam. sure the bearings are the same for drum or disc models but i may be wrong

chock front wheels to stop car rolling when h/brake is released

remove the road wheel and support car on suitable stands.

release hand brake

remove the brake caliper.

remove the brake disc

remove the grease cap from over the hub nut

remove hub nut,(cant remember if it has a split pin) and remove the rear hub assembly(some may be a left hand thread on the pass side of vehicle)so check before trying to slacken.

remove taper bearings on outer side.

remove inner rubber seal and inner bearing.

gently knock out the outer casings of bearing assembly,(one from each side of hub assembly) using a suitable soft drift to avoid damage to any components.( i use a small brass hex bar for this)

clean every bit of crap from hub to avoid contamination of new bearings.

get both outer casings and gently tap them into the hub,use a suitable sized tube to avoid damage to new outer casings. once started to go in use a soft metal bar like i do to tap them fully home to the hub.

when both in clean all hub area again to remove any dirt again.

grease up one bearing assembly by having grease on your palm of hand ant tap side of bearing onto it to load the bearing with grease repeat as req'd until bearing is fully greased. grease internal of outer casing aswell,insert inner bearing first and add a bit more grease then refit new outer rubber seal.

repeat for outer bearing to load it with grease dont fit this yet.

refit hub to stub axle and then refit outer bearing,add more grease once its in.then fit hub nut.

tighten hub nut to specified torque of 260nm or 192lb ft.

pack a bit more grease around hub nut then refit a new cap if your old one is damaged(keeps the crap out of the bearings)

refit disc

refit brake caliper

refit road wheel and spin it to check all is free to turn.

grab a beer and relax.


remember to take every precaution to keep dirt out of bearings/grease etc as the tiniest bit of grit will ruin the bearing and result in premature failure of bearings.


hope this helps you out a bit.



this is only a guide on how i do my bearings and i cant be held responsible for anyone attempting to undertake this job.


others may do them different so feel free to add.

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