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alrite im hoping to get a sub in the boot soon but just wondering hows the best way to get surface rust sorted in the spare wheel area?was like this when i brought it but didnt really bother me etc.





firstly you need to clear the rust away and definitely identify it as "surface" only.


This can be done in many ways, Personally I prefer using a wire brush head on a angle grinder for quick removal but you can use a hand brush or sand paper to achieve the same result with a bit of elbow grease.


You want to take the area back down to clean metal and treat any pitted areas with rust eater (can be got from any motorfactors or halfrauds/motorworld outlet), allow it its allotted time to do its job before cleaning off the area and either prime the area and colour back to whatever colour your motor is or simply primer then coat with some cheap matt colour to reseal the area (Its hidden in the wheel well anyway so no ones gonna see it)


Same as any where else small area get it cut out and fiber glass it.



for surface rust?...... really???....... thats what you do?????


your motor must be made up of nothing but fibreglass by now then!

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from personal expirence, with wheel well rust...have a very careful poke around as you clean the visable rust up, to make sure you dont miss anything which will come and attack later. i would also sugguset to prevent aid in preventing future porblems clean, wirebursh and underseal the underside of the car.


the lot may cost you £15 - £20 that you were not expecting but its worth it. ive just replaced my spare wheel well...

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