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For years Ive pondered the many qeustions that surround the so called "UK king of R&B" Westwood.


MY questions are deeply puzzling to me...


1. Why would a bloke that is as far away from being a gangsta rapper possibly decide that that exact profession was his calling (I mean how could he look in a mirror one day and not realise he's a lanky streak of whiter than white p1ss)


2. Why considering the way he talks and his obviously exaggerated body language seemingly being a terribly bad (and even dare I say racist) skit of popular black rappers doesn't this dry skid stain get repeatedly volleyed by every black person he meets? (I organised a night out years back and a similar dick'ed turned up for it....we went in a R&B club in Bournemouth and the dumb little shite nearly got stringed up)


3. Why in all that is holy is this absolute waste of human flesh given air time in any way shape or form?





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He's one of the few celebrities that have made my "smack on sight" list


Westwood.... uppercut to the nose to guarantee breakage and hopefully make talking difficult for a while


Jordan.... backhander right across her chops (just for screwing up an innocent child's life by snorting coke, drinking, partying and fuckin anything slightly famous during her pregnancy.... then wanting sympathy for the child's ruined life)


The bint off firth gear.... Just for being possibly the most naturally annoying female in the world


The fat bloke off fith gear.... Just because he annoys me for some reason


Ricky Gervais.... Because for some odd reason his brand of humour promotes idiots and I think Id be doing the world a favour.

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Bow down, and kiss the ring!


You can see in Jay Z's eyes, he hates westwood too



Its more a "who the f*ck is this tool??" look.

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I think the guy is a complete and utter k^^b,I cant stand that at 53 he thinks he is a badman lol,He is the same age as my mum FFs ,wish he would just sort it out



I have just found a few facts out that sasha baron cohen based Ali G on him..........and got him down to a T I think lol

He won a mobo award for best DJ lmaoooooo


The Guy is a JOKE !!!

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