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Alloy wheel refurb?


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If you are wanting a prope job best thing is to get thr tyres taken off at your local garage then take them down to your nearest sand blaster get them beed blasted when thats done get them home sort out any curb marks with filler then use a heigh build primer to cover small imperfections etc give them a light wet sand with 800 grit papper i would give the allots around 3 coats of primer then 3 to 4 coats of the colour you want and the 3 coats of 2k clear


but if you want just a quick job with tyres left on then best way i did mine was masked the tyres off got a fine grey scotch pad and gave the alloys a good scrub useing thinners this will clean the wheels aswell as keying them up then sand around the curb marks useing 180 grit papper apply the filler in them sand down again with 180 grit paper then heigh build the in primer rub down a gain with 800 wet and dry then apply your paint job done :)

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