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XR2i Fiesta.


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I have for sale, a car my mother bought for me to use as a temp car a few years back.


It is a Mk3 Mercury Grey XR2i, With 1600 8v CVH engine.


Done 120K(ish) Engine fully rebuilt at pretty much exactly 100k, although its a bit tappy now as its been sat for 4 years, so i expect sticky followers.


This car currently has no MOT or tax as its been sat.


Its not mint, but on the whole, a very good car. before being taken off the road it had £400 worth of work done for the MOT.


It does however have a few bad points.


The windscreen got broken just before being taken off the road and it never got replaced.


It has had water sat inside it for a few months but has no rot or damage where the water has been sat.


it does need about 2 hours worth of welding done, which I can do.


The heater fan has seized due to being sat.


Needs a switch for passenger window, I can prove its just a switch by using the driver switch and it works.....


It had FRST interior put into it by previous owner, so Recaros etc....


I'll not list the obvious things as you can see most from the pictures.




I do intend to do all the work and get an MOT put on it, I'm just wondering what its worth to someone how it sits at the moment, with work needing doing.

















It does have a cap on it but was in the middle of changing oil when this was taken.







I've seen these sell for over £500 in sorrier states, so looking for exactly that. Will be more when it has an MOT on it. However, as always offers by PM. :thumb:

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what happened to the thread where we discussed this? most of those pictures are several years old by your own admission?


It was this thread & also the wrong place to discuss it. I removed the posts just like I removed someone elses giving negetive price comments.

This is not a discussion section its a for sale section. If your not happy about this please PM me or even better PM the seller to discuss the car but please don't reply in this topic. I havn't thrown any warns out as I'm hoping those posting will now not continue.

Thanks. :cheers:


3. Please keep posts on topic. Posts questioning the price or state of the goods could be harmful and can be misleading. Posts of this nature will be removed. Persistent offenders will recieve warnings.


5. A seller has the right to advertise at a price they see fit, if you think its too high then don't buy but please any attempts to fill thread with negative comments will result in warnings for you.

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As does every seller that advertises a project/spare or repairs/restoration, the pics of it "on the road" are how it was when used daily, and then the most recent pics, are the ones with a broken window, I would have thought the obviousness of that would be immense?


So to clarify, Pics with broken window are most recent :thumb:

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Some recent pics:






















Surely an amazing project for someone, if I had the cash I would more than likely return it to the road and sell, if not keep it for road rallies, dependant on how the return to the forces goes it may still happen.

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