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xbox 360 slim 4gb + 9 games. ***SOLD***


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Due to ugrading my slim 4gb to a slim 250gb im selling my slim 4gb


Not had it that long, never registered the warenty so it will be covered by the microsoft warenty it came with, i will include the receipt if i can find it.


I aint tight like microsoft so i will include a HDMI cable!!


games are:


fallout 3, bioshock, hitman, king kong, mass effect 2, viva pinata, fable 2, gears of war 2 and lost planet 2


you all kno what the new Xbox slim's look like and the spec etc, but just incase someone dont, heres the info bellow :)




The new Xbox 360 4GB console has built-in wi-fi, a black wireless controller, a standard definition composite A/V cable, It’s ready for the controller-free experiences of Kinect—you don’t just play the game, you are the game. Xbox 360 is more games, entertainment, and fun. (does not include the Kinect)


I have been looking and these with 9 games go for nearly £200 so i thought, you guys can have this for £150 collected or £160 posted.


Please dont all rush with the PM,s i can only answer one at a time ;)

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