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New Black 3 Door GTi...


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Well most of you will have seen this before but for those that have not.....


some of the pics were taken before I got it.

Other ones were taken on my phone with poor lighting :(




















An investigation into the 'loudness' of the induction revealed a 2ltr TB already bolted to it,

If by any chance it has 2ltr cams on the 1800 engine, what if anything would i notice?


Having changed a completely dead MAF it now pulls like absolute stink, from about 4k

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aye was an interesting drive home, always is when you buy a new car :roll:


MAF wasn't a problem as I had one laying around, Filter was changed for a k&n item too, flat spot now gone and pulls really well :)


Alarm with RCL and water temp gauge coming next, then suspension swap, exhaust swap possibly as its quite loud.


Think that'll be it for a while, oh and sort the door lock.

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Gonna have all the same treatment as yours John, (it is John right? - I know I've been on these boards a hella long time but most of it was just browsing etc)


When I eventually get the keys to my new place and thats sorted its gonna be painted underneath and in the arches etc....

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Been tinkering this evening to see if I can illiminate my dodgy headlight problems....


So completely re-wired the passenger side headlight unit, (angel eyes with projectors and HIDs) will be doing the driver side tomorrow if I get a chance....




From this:



To this:



As its got a HID kit, which atm is playing up, I've also added the ability to be able to switch between normal H1 bulbs and the HID kit and bulbs,

you can see both the connectors in this pic :thumb:




Spares :roll:



Also had to fit a passenger side driveshaft the other day too.

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Finished off the other lamp earlier.....




Not bad really, going from this:



To this:

Nice and tidy :)


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Yes it seems that way, there are two options, either remove the needles or if you have a steady hand there should be room to just slot them over, there should be a guide here somwhere if you do a quick search :thumb:


Also yes, thats the HID kit, in essence its extremely simple to install, when I got the car and needed to change bulbs it all looked pretty daunting, but then remove the lot and tidy up the wires and it's sooooo simple.

In a kit you get 2 ballasts, 2 bulbs and 2 fly leads.



The fly lead is the bit in my fingers,


The positive side of that needs to go to the positive for the main (dipped) beam, the negative just needs to go to the earth, so as I've done, just patch it into the other leads in the lamps so you dont need to mess with the cars lighting loom.

That lead then plugs into the ballast, then the leads from the bulb plug into the other side of the ballast and jobs a goodun :thumb:

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Been busy thinking of a little solution to my 'dim' headlight problems.


Came up with the idea of having my main (dipped) beams come on when I turn my full (high) beams on.


Essentially having very bright close range lights and bright long range lights, wired in to a switch so that its optional and won't cause any issues come mot time.


Bit hard to tell in the pics but results are pretty damn good :) also more asthetically pleasing in the dark :D







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