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ASUS eee pc 901, XP 20GB SSD 1GBram Atom


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I've had this from new (it was £300 last year) great little thing its the size of a large textbook and much lighter. I used it for browsing the web, playing movies etc on my tv and used it to sort my focus' emissions problems


the specs are:

9" screen



sd slot


1gb ddr2 (upgradeable)

20GB SSD - solid-state hard drive, no moving parts means its faster and uses less power and dropping it won't ruin it (not recommended though)

1.6 Intel Atom low power processor

Standard battery lasts 5 to 6 hours with the wifi on (which is pretty awesome)


also comes with an obd2 diagnostics cable and software so you can plug it into almost any modern car and check the ecu for faults and reset them :) which is win!


its gloss black its nearly immaculate, only thing to mention is an inch long hard noticeable scratch on the cover and the left click key needs a firmer press than when it was new -

i could fit a new top cover for £8 if this bothers you, (i'm an IT engineer) its got a multi touch touch pad so you can use it easily without the left click key at all. whats your number i'll send you a couple of pics


pics here


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