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360 Game Review

lee grout

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Lego batman 2 DC Super heroes


Brand new lego game thats been released about a week now. Same fun style as all previous lego outings. Seems a bit easier to play than a couple of the others, More so Indiana jones 2. The graphics are good as always. Theres lots of characters to collect, loads of stuff to find too. The levels seem to be much larger this time round. There are save points but you usually plough on but then dont want to quit as the saves are quite few and far between. It has an open world element to it which you must navigate between so called levels. Im not very far into it but I love collecting everything and exploring the areas to find more random lego stuff. Its gonna keep me entertained for a while, along with watching my mrs struggle working out what to do! Boy does she get :vangry:

Good job on the game from what I seen already, look forward to getting further in.


Big fat 8/10, will entertain for hours and can even do it in co-op. :drunk:

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Tomb Raider

The relaunch of tomb raider is here. Gone are the days of the pixelated big breasted ms Croft and here is the new origin story, done in a different way.

Its still full of action, climbing and to a lesser extent puzzles but focuses mainly on the action side of things. Weapons can be upgraded and she can learn new skills. Puzzles are few and far between and are not really challenging at the best of times im affraid. It does make up for that in the way you climb about the landscape ( Unchartered style) and the graphics are pretty damn good. The story is gripping and you struggle to put down the controller as you want to expore more and more. There are lots of relics and intel to find too. Best game out this year so highly reccomend to anyone who is, or was ever into a tomb raider game.


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Gears of War: Judgement -


I'm the most hardcore GoW fan I know and I've played 1-3 from start to finish as soon as I've laid my hands on them. This one I got on release day but it just doesn't feel the same and I've spent more time playing FIFA today than Gears :(


It's still a good game, but here are my thoughts:


The characters (so far, 3 hours in) are poor. Cole hardly says a word, there's no 'banter' like the old games.

The new multiplayer game is good, but not having Horde in is an absolute nonsense.

The campaign is all set-pieces that are over too quickly. I liked the chapters and various checkpoints of the old games, no stopping every 6 minutes to see what 'stars' I earned.

It's too easy. I'm only on hardcore at the moment, but your team mates do too much for you.

We're going to be mega bummed for DLC that should have been included with the shipped game.


The worst of the 4 by some distance, but I suspect once all the additional DLC is available it'll be alright.

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Bioshock Infinite


Its one of those games that tries to be a bit different but remain familiar ( as it is the 3rd in the series) Although not an actual sequal.

Graphics are great as always with a bioshock game however the colours arnt so bold and vivid as previous outings.

Gameplay is slightly different in that you can only carry 2 weapons at a time, it forces you to play a bit more reserved. The action isnt as intense as previously either. Big levels and the 'sky rail' system allow you basically to run away if need be!

The story is the strongest part of this game with the ultimate in endings, especially if you played the earlier bioshocks.


I prefer the older bioshocks personally however if you like them, then you'll like this. 8/10

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Dead Island Riptide




In all fairness I am playing this on PC rather than XBOX but should be the same.


Lovely story and intro, cut screens are long but detailed and necessary to enjoy the story.

Gameplay is flawless with a nice mixture of action, gore, slashing with puzzles and missions to achieve as you move through the levels.

Zombies are unpredictable and vary a lot.

Scenery and attention to detail is immense here and the whole experience is a pleasure to play.


Shading and lighting is glorious (when it rains or there is a random storm it really adds to the atmosphere)


I do like Horror and Zombie films which sways my score to 8.5 / 10 for this one.

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forgot about this but...


UFO Enemy Unknown.


anyone whos familiar with the previous creations of this franchise will not be dissappointed to find theyve generally kept the same turn based strategic & tactical control interface.


basic outline>


Humans vs Aliens turn based action/startegy game, You command a human council made up of countless countries that have grouped together in a common goal, to beat the mysterious alien invaders that seek to destroy, savage and dominate our fair world.


you command everything from research projects (giving you access to countless alien weapon techs and equipment) and manufacturing to a sqaud of well equiped multi-national marines who's only goals are to discover the reasons behind the sudden invasion and ultimatly splatter some alien brains across various battlefield maps in fairly graphic and sometimes amusing fashions.


all previous incarnations of this franchise have been purely pc based, never once seeming to venture toward the then growing console market, gratefully though this one has emerged fully fledged and ready for play on just about anything on the market (I personally have the 360 version)


General ratings>


Graphics 8/10...

though the scenery and character movement/animation is decent, with the whole game enviroment being destructive you do get the commonly seen arm and head sticking through what should be a solid brick wall.... technically not a disaster but should have be clocked pre release.


Gameplay 7/10...

Though as I said it holds true to the original franchise style which is imho a good thing, it does unfortunetly carry with it the same drawback its previous kin also suffered with, that is long-term play can become repetative and often requires the game being played in short bursts rather than marathon runs.


Multiplayer.... ?

The idea of playing this game over xboxlive just hasn't appealed to me yet so wouldn't know.


overall I give it 8/10

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Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen


Dark Arisen is the 'DLC' if you like for the game Dragons Dogma. They re-released the game however with extra content already on it! Meaning you had to pay £17 for a game for its extras even if you had bought the original. However for people like myself, I never paid 40 notes for the original so at £17 for a bigger/improved game...its an absolute steal :D

Its an open world RPG. Probably best described as a mix of Dark souls and Skyrim. If your remotely interested in either of those then you'll like this. Massive areas to explore, graphics are pretty good, loads of little extra missions to do as well. Can be anywhere up to 100 hours worth of play in this :O

You can be 1 of 3 types of fighter A: Fighter (swords n shield) B: Strider (bow and daggers) or C: mage (staves, magic) At level 10 you can change what type of character you play as and there are 3 variations of each vocation. The further into the game you get the more flash your character can be. Some vocations even cross paths to give a change of interest and play styles.

You also have Pawns tag along, helpers that can heal you(mage) or fighters to help bring down enemies. 1 pawn you design before you start the game, the other two are hired and are actually other people's main pawn from accross xbox live. Your also able to change to new pawns as you come accross them too.

Theres Plenty to kill in this, from wildlife, goblins and bandits to massive boss types inc Chimera, Cyclops and Dragons.


Very fun and thouroughly enjoyable, a very solid 9/10 from me.

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