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Reckon I'll regret it?


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I know it's going to be a one-sided answer being an Escort owners club....but, my mates selling his Saxo VTR and I fancy a change. Just want something a bit quicker.


Although saying that seems a silly idea with the warm weather coming (having a cabriolet) and I do love my cabby!


Hmmm...comments welcome (awaits abuse haha)

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You will miss the ability to drop the roof, I know, I'm driving a tintop temporary at the moment.


Yea my 5minute thought has now disappeared haha. Plus I just found out it's done double the miles of mine!


Plus my cabby flew through it's MOT. One illegal tyre and a lower arm bush. Had a spare tyre and new bush was £8.50. Not bad for a 1998 Escort :) just wish it was quicker ;)


they aint that quick....


keep the escort you twit


I dunno, my mates old MK1 was rapid, but think it had cams and stuff done on it lol

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Absolutely mental swapping a nice Escort for a Saxo, let alone a cabriolet with summer coming up, and let alone one as nice as yours!


I was looking at a cheap white mk4 cabriolet last week with the intention of it being a second car for the summer. Sadly too much work (see money) was needed, which I can't justify if I'm keeping the Audi.


Looking at V6 Audi cabriolets as a replacement for mine now instead :roll:

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