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Better in what way?


Performance? Better than those crappy Bosch 4-electrode plugs. Noticeably different to anything else? Not likely.


Better in that you can say you've got XXX plugs in your car down the pub? Sure.

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I have this thread on another forum and this is one reply I got.


The zetec plugs in general are pretty crap. They soot up too much due to the heat, the best thing to do is to get the hole drilled and threaded for the cosworth plugs as they can withstand the heat


Whatever you do, don't use Focus RS plugs unless you know what you're doing.
I don't really,thats why I was asking.Don't want to do something I don't know about and do damage to my engine.
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ngk platinum ones along time since i changed them tho but iirc the part number is PFRN6-11.






yes i know thats sad that i can remember that :cheers:

Lol.Getting some interesting response's to this on different forums. :cheers:



thats what i ran mine on tbh never had a problem what so ever ....... and heat ratings on the frs plugs whould be well higer wich could cause detination wich could lead to piston damage :innocent:

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