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Long story short, I lost my iPhone 4 last night when I was out.. gutted is not the word. I'm a 'Mobile Me' member (which sends a GPS signal to your phone, helps to track it, can remotely wipe everything etc.. ) but that tells me "can't connect". Huge waste of time.


Anyway, the phone is insured so I can get another one unless the venue where I lost it happens to find it (fat chance), so thats not really an issue


What concerns me is what someone can do who "unlocks" my phone. What do they have access to, etc? I have facebook, and twitter, e-mail permanently logged in. Will they have access to these?


I've googled this and cant find the answer, so I'm hoping someone here has a clue?

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If it cant connect to the "find my iPhone" MobileMe app the chances are its been restored.


as for everything else, if you didnt have your phone locked by a pin they will have access to everything, they will connect to your emails via wi-fi... BUT... if you change your email password online they wont be able to access them on the phone.


Personally, if i was you, i would change the email password imediatly as passwords reminders are sent out via email, if the person has a bit of savvy they could get a password reminder sent from facebook, twitter or even your bank!


Just think though, did you have any passwords from online subscriptions in old emails? if so, change them passwords to!


as for pics, they will be able to access them no matter what if the phone wasnt locked but if they have restored it then they will all be wiped unless they backed up everything first, but they wouldnt have had a need to do so so i dont know why they would have.

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Well this worked out nicely


When I travelled from the venue back to town (via taxi), I noticed I didn't have my phone when I stepped out of the taxi. I borrowed someone's phone (who I work with, but who's number wasn't in my contacts) and there was no answer.


It turns out that the phone was in the taxi, and it went undiscovered for 5 hours before the driver found it. Driver wasn't a scumbag, and called the "missed call" number on the front of my iPhone screen, and gave his details to the lad I work with.


Arranged pick up yesterday, and gave the taxi driver a bottle of Jack Daniels for his outstanding honesty and decent morals. Not all people are tw*ts after all - BIG surprise!

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Regarding MobileMe, no, that's my fault..


You log on to MobileMe using your iTunes password. The other week, I had to change it when I became a little paranoid when I couldn't access the iTunes store. I didn't know this was linked to MobileMe. Basically, as I'd changed the password, the phone was not connectd to the mobile me network.


Simple mistake in the end.

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