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rs central show

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Yesterday was a great start to the new show season.


The sun was shining, so the famous Santa Pod sunburn has returned, thank god for the factor 50 suncream I put on at lunchtime or I would be a crisp today.


Our club stand wasn't as big as it has previously been, still, we weren't the smallest there. As Im current;y between Fords I was in my Land Rover (which incidentally, half of it is Ford thanks to all the patches I welded up came from my old Escort and a mondeo), Wayne planned on bringing his/Caz's red GTi but it couldn't make it, so the Escorts of Ginger Dave, Chico, StevenFod1 and Stoo2000. It was Steven's first show and Chico's first time at Pod, so thanks for making the trip.


There was quite a bit going on, there were drift passenger rides, where even a couple of old RWD Fords got in on the act and proved that the Ford's can be just as good as the Jap cars. The jet car didn't run because in test runs it was veering off its line so it was too dangerous to run it infront of the crowds. Podzilla destroyed a few more cars and it was taken round to the Central stand so that the show-goers could get up close and personal with the monster. Witht he jet car not running the RWYB ran for longer and there were only a couple of real hold ups all day, one of which was a fiesta where the bonnet lifted just after they crossed the line, smashing the windscreen and shaking the driver up.


There were lots of clubs there, showing quite a variety of cars, some highlights were a matt grey Focus RS mk2, a v8 mk1 Escort, a Cosworth powered mk6 Fiesta among others. It was nice to see some new cars doing the show, lots of variation on what was around last season, there was even a mk1 Focus RS on Team dynamics wheels this year!


Dan1.8si was there running on the strip so hopefully he will come and tell us a bit about his experiences yesterday.


All in all, a really good day, a great start to this years season!

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should probably write some kind of report if im going to post here!!


the rs central show was an excellent start to the season. this was actually the first time ive shown my car at a show so i was looking forward to it - and it didnt disapoint! i went with a local club called the ox-ford group (no prizes for guessing what that entails!!) and we got there nice and early at 8am ish. our manager was able to get us a good pitch right next to the strip and the fast ford tent. our stand was quite big actually with a variety of cars including saph cozzies, mk1 fezzies, an early escort estate done very nice, a large handfull of escort rst and some newer fezzies and ofcourse my focus! one of our lads even had a flamer kit! our show piece was 2 mk1 escorts that feature in clarksons new dvd (the orange and green ones, poss the one you mentioned trig?) the orange one is a 512bhp beast that did the q mile in 12.4!! a fair few of our club got on the strip which started off a bit slippy but soon warmed up - watching the early birds loose traction was quite funny, although they didnt have to queue to run!


apart from that the show offered the usual variety of old and new fords - escort and sierras were out in full force as well as mk1 and mk2 focus rs. there was even a noble and a mustang to be seen! i had a complete field day in the concours section (sad i know, but im getting into it more and more.....) and i was tempted to enter the show n shine although decided not to bother in the end. the drift section was cool, track was small but the old skyline i watched looked like it was having fun! the strip was prob the main attraction though and there was alot of noisey motors to be seen. the nitro bike ran 9.8 and hit 143mph and the small fiats (if ive got that right) ran 10.somethings. the smell of tire smoke was intoxicating at the start line! as trigg said there werent too many hiccups, although someone did loose a piece of exhaust!!


to conclude, a very good start to the show season with very nice weather (my neck got considerably burnt) with the usual selection of nice fords and good strip action. definately worth going again and looking forward to the next show. maybe next time i'll catch the EVOers on their stand (you were awy when i passed!).



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This was the first time I have been to Santa pod and all I can say was its one off the best shows I have been too. It was very relaxed and chilled out. Was nice to see a mix off cars going down the strip.

I went along with my mate in his Scirocco R and we was on the Lowlifes stand.

It took me all off 10seconds to brake and pay my £20 to do 4 runs.

My best was a 17.7 not bad for a car with only 122bhp. most cars where running between 14 - 19 seconds depending on spec. My mate managed a 14.3 in his R and all that's had done it a Bluefin Remap.

There seemed to be alot off cosworths braking when they dropped the clutch think 2 off the killed diffs and 1 bust his gear box. was some other cars braking too like a fez and a saxo (HA HA)


I did catch a fue people taking photos off my car witch put a smile on my face


Didnt get any pics off the day but did make a quick video




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sorry not posted on here but half way home my car started playing silly buggers


what a way to start the show season some excellent cars and plenty of action.


this was my first show of the year and with any club, i realy enjoyed the day, i also enjoyed having my car on the stand and meeting a couple of you (chico, gingerdave trig and stoo2000)

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