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Where is my problem??


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I know theres loads on here about idle issues etc.....but anyone advise on mine??


Mk6 GTi, ICV fitted new in 2008, just replaced my MAF (revs drop right down and die when MAF disconnected, so proved MAF is good??) and got decat..


I removed my TB and PCV valve last week to give a clean, refitted and now my idle is 12-1300rpm....


I removed my ICV earlier, give it a clean, refitted and idle is still the same...battery disconnected for 2 hours to reset ECU...


When my car is ideling, when I unplug the ICV the idle drops right down and if I dont rev it, it will stall....surely that means my ICV is good?


Any ideas where to go next?

Lambda sensor??

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Ive just ordered a new ICV, so that will be fitted when it arrives and go from there...


What do you know about PCV (crankcase breather valve)?

Some say it will cause probs, others say dont bother changing it, as a new one will be loose and rattely when you shake it as mine is now, doesnt mean its worn....

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And you havn't checked for air leaks/breather problems!? This would be my first port of call! Its not always sensors that go wrong. Check at the back of the inlet manifold (right at the bottom), theres a breather at the back that comes out at a right angle, bit of a pig to get your hand down there but they commonly collapse causing a breather issue. I wouldnt buy any more parts unless you've looked over these first.
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I have checked for leaks, using a spray around inlet areas and seeing if engine note changes indicating a leak...


I have checked the pipe behind the inlet manifold, its no obvious splits, but is quite soft and old...


What is the best way to check for leaks, even the tinyest of leaks that arnt obvious??

Wheres the common pipes that cause running issues?


My idle has always been at 1k since I had the car 1 year ago, and revs stay up when changing gear etc......but since I removed and cleaned the TB and PCV valve its been around 12-1300rpm ever since.....TB has been on and off another 3 times since that, so surely an airleak would have dissapeared or got worse if TB was the issue?

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