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Random Question, Not about Escorts


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Alright ladies.


Now this is technically in the wrong section BUT...... Its for a mondeo so didn't think it applied. (Mods move as you see fit)


Here's the problem,


mk3 mondeo tdci 2002, very occasionally when turning right it makes a noise (I would describe it as like a faint whistle in the wind). My friend who owns it thinks its something suspension and steering column connected but i'm not sure, without having to go through all the ball ache of jacking the car up etc what are peoples opinions? I will have a look sometime soon but want some ideas to start off my hunt.

Literally its very occasional. Its apparently happened for the past year but the last 2 months it didn't do it then all of a sudden its done it 4 times this week.


What ideas do people have?



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