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Exhaust, leathers, wheels, skirts etc

Sly Boogie :D

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Got a few parts left over if anyone wants them:


Magnex Catback, 4" tip has a nice rumble but not stupidly loud. £100


Half leather seats, all 4 seats but no door cards. Some marks and a little bit of wear on the bolster as usual but nothing major. £100


15" GTI Alloys, 4 brilliant tires, all centre caps, think i have most of the bolts too, albeit 1 locking nut is definitely missing. Couple of light kurb marks but very presentable as they are! £120


State blue skirts - £30, no jacking covers but in good condition


State blue spats - £15


State blue bonnet - £30 good condition, few light stone chips but in good condition!


Thats all i can be bothered to list albeit i have the remains of a state blue GTI outside so if theres parts you want message me. Engine is seized though so thats no use.

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what condition is the exhaust in and what sort of tip has it got?


Exhaust is in good condition, light scratching to the underside of the tip from where the guy i got it off off had a lowered car but its not noticeable once fitted. Also got a polyflex exhaust bush with it which makes it line up properly as the stock ford one drooped.


Tip is a 4" inward rolled. Sounds huge but honestly it isn't as offensive as it sounds!

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