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Project FakeCos.


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Thought might as well put it up on here seeing as oyu guys know the car.


Right, I though I might as well start a little build thread for my next 'Sub Project'. A little background, I bought a MK6 Escort RS2000 to use on the motorway as it's a long old way back and forth to Catterick, and the winters up there are not particularly forgiving. Besides the fact I didn't want to leave my pride and joy on an Army base. :roll:


So I bought this;




All was great....then the Army told my I couldn't take my car to Catterick for the first 12 weeks, then they told me I couldn't justify paying the insurance every month so had to cancel it. The tax had just run out, the MOT was due in May so I decided to sell it and then look for a more suitable replacement when the time came.

It sold on eBay, the whacker never contacted me to buy it, had 3 people view it, all very keen but wouldn't buy it without an MOT. Took it to my brother and it seems it had a very dodgy MOT last time round. Needed welding, the ABS light had been taken out as the rear ABS sensors were fucked, both rear wheel bearings had failed and been packed with grease as the hubs had ovaled due to it being to low, which left me with two choices, break it or re shell it...


I've decided to do the latter :mrgreen: So a deal was done and I've bought this (more pictures to come on Saturday when I pick it up)








It's a MK6 Escort, converted to MK5 with a Cosworth kit on. It's got fibregalss panels, however, they are full skins, not the half jobs so shouldn't have issues with cracking. The rear quarters go above the boot line as they should, it has the later fuel filler flap and it has no rot, bought as a bare shell, with glass, looms and carpets etc.


I've started stripping the RS2000 in preparation and bought some bits to make it a convincing rep.


Genuine bottom boot spoiler






Genuine front grill with unbroken clips






Going to use the Red Hex interior from the RS Turbo. I also have a genuine EsCos centre console I bought some years back.




Bought a bulge bonnet as I found a good un rotten one cheap, they look good and cossie bonnets are £300. It needs to done to some budget :lol: and rear disc beam which should be arriving any day.






I'll also be using the engine, Oz Supperleggera wheels (although I get the feeling that the Comps will find there way on it :lol: ), front brakes and coilovers






As for colour I'm undecided. If I can get a bodyshop to do it for the right price I'm going to stick to black, however, I'm quite tempted to paint it myself in Matte Grey....


Still need to find a front bumper and a few little bits but most of it's there to start building. 8)




We'll I made the trip down to Eastbourne yesterday to pick the shell up. left at 5:30am got home at 7PM. Was a looooong day. :lol:


Got it up on the ramp and checked over the underside. All very solid and looking good so I was happy. While I was there we were having a bit of a moan that we had to remove the subframe and rear beam then put mine on etc so I decided to just buy the lot. :lol: Made sense as it's all freshly powder coated, brand new drop links, track rod ends, lower arms, fully poly bused, all new ford bolts and mounts etc.


















Terry also gave me some MK3 Mondeo front calipers, so need to source some ST170 front discs and it'll have a 300mm front brake set up. Can't do anything on it for a few weeks which is annoying but I'll work on it when I'm back.

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The spec when it's finished won't be anything more special than an RS2000 with better suspension and brakes but hopefully should look the part and I won't worry about parking it anywhere. Gives me time to finish the RS Turbo to a spec I'm happy with rather than rushing it to get me on the road. :cheers:


Thanks for the build thread I have had a good look through it. It seems to be fitted pretty well on the whole. I'm a bit of a perfectionist though (if anyones seen my RST they'll know :rolleyes: ) so there are a few bits on the body I've put on my snag list to sort before paint but overall I'm very happy with it.


Future plans are going to be looking into a turbo diesel engine swap with a new diesel motor but that wont be for a while.

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Thank fooke i didnt buy that rs as i was pondering it on ebay and on piston heads iirc but deffo on ebay still glad its going to good use !!!! good luck chap :)


Same here, I had seen the RS and was contemplating getting in touch to have a look.


Lets look forward to seeing it on the road.

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Alreeeet old timer ;) This actually makes me want one! :nutter:

Wrong Muz Harv (you are thinking of Muzz)


Any chance of posting a few pics of the RST?



Yeah, sure. It's my pride and joy lol.








These were taken just before I put the engine in to give it a wash.










It's not far off now.



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